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The concept of the Advisory Board was first introduced by TPG during the solicitation of written consents seeking to elect TPG as the substitute general partner, and is the only type of oversight body known to exist for similar partnerships at this time. The first Advisory Board was appointed in October 1993, and held its first meeting in November 1993. Among other functions, the Advisory Board has the following rights: to review operational policies and practices; to review extraordinary transactions; to review internal financial controls and practices; and to review the performance of the independent auditors of the Partnership. The Advisory Board powers are advisory only and the Board does not have the authority to direct management decisions or policies of the Partnership or remove the General Partner. The Advisory Board has full and free access to the Partnership's books and records, and individual Advisory Board members have the right to communicate directly with the Limited Partners concerning Partnership business. Members of the Advisory Board are compensated $1,500 annually and $500 for each quarterly meeting attended.



The Advisory Board currently consists of Limited Partners from the Partnership: Jesse Small and Albert Kramer:



Jesse Small – CPA
Mr. Small has been a well-known, respected tax and business consultant in Hallandale, FL for more than 30 years. Mr. Small has a Master’s Degree in Economics. Mr. Small is a Limited Partner representing DiVall 2. During the past five years after retiring from the accounting profession, Mr. Small has been developing property on the east and west coast of Florida.



Albert Kramer - Retired
Mr. Kramer is now retired, but previously worked as Tax Litigation Manager for Phillips Petroleum Company. His education includes undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard and a J.D. Degree from South Texas College of Law. Mr. Kramer is a Limited Partner representing DiVall 2




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